You have to find it wherever you can. Sometimes it is difficult. At least once a week I click on the link to the Rocky Mountain News, temporarily forgetting she is no longer with us. The loss of that newspaper in particular was very difficult to stomach. The Rocky was driven by the passion for … Continue reading

More from column Z

Working on post is the bain of my existence most days. I love being a photojournalist because post-production consists of two things: exposure and white balance. Woo Hoo. Studio work, however, requires a bit more work. Exposure and white balance should be spot-on (since you are standing stock still in a studio under controlled circumstances) … Continue reading

A little from column Z

Odd week of tweets requires explanation, well, no it doesn’t but here it is anyway: I like doing different things, trying new styles, and learning as I go. So this shoot was the perfect opportunity to stretch my wings. As for images, well, you only get one: I love studio work. High-end lighting and sets … Continue reading