Take Me To Your Leader

Would you like a visit from #StudioSmexy?

Jenn has two separate presentations called:


Studio Smexy: from muse to magic


how to get a great cover and not get arrested in the process



Jenn will present on all things cover art from design to branding as well as licensing and legal issues to protect your business. With two degrees and a deep background in photography, Jenn is able to speak about licensing and legal issues covering stock art, custom images, usage rights and what to ask when purchasing images or design for your project, whether it’s for your international bestselling novel or your personal website.

We’ll go through the process of design and creation, what to look for in licensing and design, how to brand for yourself, and how to protect your product as well as the rights of everyone involved. We’ll also discuss how to plan a cover in a world of ever-changing rules with regards to censorship.

We will also discuss the actual photoshoot— what happens and how it all comes together seamlessly… or so it seems.

Bring your questions about rights, design, Amazon rules, stock searches, custom photography, legal aspects, and whatever else you want to know about a job wherein I work with half-nekked people, vaseline, and weapons as a profession (I know you have these questions)

Details / requirements:

• approximately 1-1.5 hours

• travel / accommodations for Jenn

• slideshow presentation, mac interface



All those wonderful things above PLUS a live photoshoot with live models.

Details / requirements:

• approximately 2 hours

• travel / accommodations for Jenn + assistant + models

• slideshow presentation, mac interface


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