A little from column Z

Odd week of tweets requires explanation, well, no it doesn’t but here it is anyway:

I like doing different things, trying new styles, and learning as I go. So this shoot was the perfect opportunity to stretch my wings.

As for images, well, you only get one:

©Jenn LeBlanc

I love studio work. High-end lighting and sets and complete creative control; the polar opposite of photojournalism. For me it’s all about balance, a little from column A and a little from column B. This particular shoot happens to be from column Z.

The last week was spent casting, costuming, arranging, directing and finally; shooting images for a romance novel. So very far from my own comfort zone it was fantastic. I worked with a wonderful friend who was familiar with the material, Elena Brown, who served as AD and PA. I was also blessed with a great model, Derek Hutchins, who had a fabulous sense of humor and, well, he was pretty.


Whenever I got lost Elena found me and together we pushed through and came away with some great images for the novel over two days of shooting. I can’t stress enough the amount of planning and prep work that goes into a major studio shoot, as well as the need for a competent assistant (who can read your mind) and clear expectations for what needs to be achieved.

We shot multiple poses for ten scenes over the two days, and only missed one image that I had bouncing around in my noggin. Overall pretty good in my book.

12:17 PM Jan 11th from twidroid: Ack! So much to do: Brandt & Whitney, Flossy McGrews, Lowe’s, Argonaut, fabric, tack and bridal shops. Can’t say my job isn’t interesting.

2:16 PM Jan 11th from twidroid: Tack shop stat!

3:54 PM Jan 11th from twidroid: No leather riding crops at the tack shop. Should have tried the XXX store.

9:16 AM Jan 12th from twidroid: Big day, part deux of the studio shoot! I guess I should get a move on.

2:55 PM Jan 12th from txt: To the studio! (say it like Batman would)

about 3 hours ago: OK, 24 hours ago I was, well, nevermind. Then I was up till 4am editing images only to get up again at 9 and get back to it. Might be done.

29 minutes ago from TweetDeck: RT @BrnWriter: @JennLeBlanc turned 4 shades of red when I told him to take off the Jockeys. Man-bits she wouldn’t be able to handle. true.

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