Man Candy Monday – LIPS service

Are you ready to…to…hmm. What is the appropriate term for what we do on Man Candy Monday? It certainly isn’t rumble. Swoon? Drool? Giggle? Possibly all three at once calling into question our own adulthood status as well as the safety of our collective keyboards.Man Candy Monday is a time honored tradition dating back to…to…last … Continue reading

#ManCandyMonday – Anatomy of a man

Welcome to my blog Man Candy Monday maniacs!!! I’m so happy to be master of ceremonies again and to kick off the new format wherein the weekly intro post has been decentralized. This week, welcome to my humble abode, come on in, kick off your shoes, relax a bit and enjoy the candy. We are … Continue reading

Man Candy Monday

Once again it’s that time of the week for ogling the men who need the ogling. This week’s theme is men on horseback. Now miss Kati over at Romancing Rakes has already used my very favorite saddle image. The image was the cause fo the squee heard round the world a couple weeks ago when … Continue reading