Man Candy Monday – LIPS service

Are you ready to…to…hmm. What is the appropriate term for what we do on Man Candy Monday? It certainly isn’t rumble. Swoon? Drool? Giggle? Possibly all three at once calling into question our own adulthood status as well as the safety of our collective keyboards.Man Candy Monday is a time honored tradition dating back to…to…last summer. Before that there was no organized twitterfest of man flesh. I’m happy to say I’ve been ogling since the beginning, and Vicky Dreiling is amazing for making this all so organized.I know you’re not reading this, so I can say whatever it is I want to.

Here’s the thing. Man Candy is my job. Really. No…REALLY. I’m not just an author (as if that isn’t enough!) I’m also a photographer and my chosen trade is now shooting covers for other authors as well as the illustrations for my novels. You read that right (no actually not at all, I harbor no illusions that this maundering is beyond you because you are merely here for the flesh) my novels are illustrated. Does this make me an expert? Perhaps not, but it does bring me a WHILE lot of man flesh awareness. If you need to find a guy? I can probably help with that. Need some inspiration? Check my rolling tumblr (NSFW). I am a purveyor of visual smut.

So let’s get on with it shall we? This post is a bit truncated, if you’d like the full version (READ: MORE PICTURES) visit my blog HERE. If you’d like to see my previous Man Candy Monday post which was way more popular than it has any right to be (seriously it gets more hits on my blog than naked Derek WTF?) Go read it; The ANATOMY OF A MAN. No I have no idea why that interests all of you. *snicker*

The theme this week is LIPS service. Yes. Those fleshy little buggers right between your cheeks that can turn up in a smile, a sneer, open to show the pink of a tongue, the flash of white teeth. Lips, the oh so very very important lips, because really, in most positions they are going to be right there. YOU KNOW, at eye level, something to concentrate on, so you need a good set. Right? Right. So without further ado…LIPS.

NOOOOO!!!! Not those lips! I call #inappropriate.
Can we start with my favorite pair of lips? Oh yes. Yes we can.



And how’s about we follow up with some Fassy lips? The thing about his mouth is that it is simply so talented. The serious pout. The open to options pout. The wicked *I know something you don’t know* grin (like I bet he is thinking I don’t have any underwear on right now, and if you knew that you would lose your panties.) Then there’s the concerned lips and the *come on, give it your best shot* lips followed by the *Yeah? How ‘bout these lips?* lips. Oh Fassy. ❤

COME ON!! You know you love these lips.

These are the *who…me?* lips, which is quickly followed by the…




*Yes. YOU.* lips.




Can we discuss the cute lips? Which are often followed by 
COME HITHER lips? ( I love come hither lips, don’t you?)
Then there are lips that you’re not quite sur about. Are they *I’m going to kiss you senseless* lips? Or are they *I’m going to set you down right and proper* lips?
Then there are famous lips. I love these lips because they are so overshadowed by the eyes. Most people don’t make it past the SMOLDER(halder) to get to the LIPS. Such an oversight.
 And these lips are…just… *swoon*
And never to be overlooked is the *almost* lips. They are wet, because he just licked them, in preparation for…for…What exactly?

And then there’s the, *these lips are merely here to guard my perfect teeth* lips. 
How about the *are you serious?* lips? They are usually followed by the
*Crawl up here in the front seat with me* lips. (BTW the answer to that is always, unequivocally, YES. Resoundingly.)
Bad boy lips are so bad they are hard to see.
BAM #thatisall
These are they *HEY!! The lips are up here please,* lips. (you know it’s true)
And their brother, the *I already told you once…* lips.
Lots of these lips are followed by the *I need a nap* lips. Which are just so…HAWT!
But a few are followed by the *SERIOUSLY?!?!* lips. I’m ok with that too though.
We can’t discuss lips without the infamous mouth of Gandy, and his *I’m sorry you want me to do what?* lips.
or the amazing Guy and his *no they aren’t, in fact, pillows* lips.
Really, it’s just a mouth, and they are simply lips.
Right? Just…lips?
Except when they are…
*I speak French fluently.* Lips or
*I am going to EAT you.* lips.
otherwise…they are…merely…lips.

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