#StudioSmexy Superstar of Romance Author Vivian Arend

Jenn: Tell us 5 fun facts about your book Vivian: There are a whole lot of water/wet scenes in this book (take that any way you want!) While I was writing this book I finally had to draw a map of the Coleman land so I’d know which direction people were traveling to get to … Continue reading

Cowboys, Marines and Dukes—oh my.

Worked with the handsome Guy Marquardt and beautiful Brittany Lines on Thursday for some cover shoot goodness. Here are some of the images that are not under embargo for clients: For more images from the shoot go here For more images from the shoot go here For licensing information send a request here:

Cowboy Take Me Away – Kathleen Eagle

“Her camera didn’t lie.When photographer Skyler Quinn first fixed her lens on gorgeous cowboy Trace Wolf Track, she liked what she saw but didn’t give it much thought. Until everywhere she went—the rodeo, the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary— there he was, and the heat between them built to the boiling point. As a widow … Continue reading