A very special #StudioSmexy request

I think of every author with one of my images on their cover as part of my little family. It’s even more special when one of my friends ends up with one of my images on their cover, either by design or by happenstance. So when Jackie Barbosa went looking to redo her cover for THE REIVER I was hopeful… but nervous. When she chose one of my first images of Derek, I was over the moon giddy.

I loved this book, I think it’s a great introduction to Jackie’s historical style.


(and this book is free so you should download it right now)

The Reiver


There is no easy segue to this next bit, much like the accident that brought us to this post.

Jackie’s son, Julian, was killed on the 20th of March in a head on collision.

Julian Fraire

I simply can’t even imagine.

I can’t begin to fathom the depth and the breadth of the pain Jackie and her family are experiencing at this moment.

There will be a new normal for them, something nobody ever contemplated.


Because the romance community pulls together, because we love each and every one of our own, we are raising Jackie and her family in our thoughts, and we are doing what we can to support them through this. There are two ways in which you can reach out to Jackie, the first is to support her as an author:

You can find buy links to all of Jackie’s books here. I think Jackie honestly has something for EVERYONE, historical, contemporary, erotica… really.

There is also a memorial fund set up in Julian’s name. You can find more information on that here: Julian Fraire Memorial Fund

Buy a couple books (there are even a couple freebies that you can download to check her out) or donate to the memorial fund.

And from all of us in the romance community, thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.





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  1. Jimmy says:

    Thank you for being youu

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