What I Did For A Duke – Julie Anne Long

What I Did For a Duke (Pennyroyal Green, #5)
What I Did For a Duke
by Julie Anne Long

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love, love LOVE.

I think I loved The Perils of Pleasure a bit more, but that story is just so very out of the blue and incredible it was difficult to top (for me). The references to The Ballad of Colin Eversea in this book are terribly endearing having read his story.

I am smitten with these characters, all of them. I’m just thrilled she has contracted to continue the Pennyroyal Green series.

Genevieve is a lovely girl, drifting through life doing exactly what has been expected of her. Being calm and patient and falling in love with a respectable, if poor, but honorable-ish man. The problem is, she isn’t at all that girl, and quite honestly doesn’t even know it herself until a Duke comes to her family’s home purposing himself with the nefarious pursuits of revenge against her brother Ian…and she is to be the weapon.

The banter between these two characters is incredibly moving, poignant and downright hilarious. I actually woke my husband reading at night because I was laughing out loud.

And so we have it. Never once rolled my eyes, the fact I couldn’t take them off the screen was probably a hindrance in that respect, never wanted to throw my ipad across the room. There was no WTFckery and the cover is not just stunning but speaks loudly to the two main characters. It’s absolutely stunning.

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