ROMCON 2011 ticket giveaway!!




@aislinn_mac won the #RomCon11 ticket giveaway and meetup with the Pervy Trinity and Naughty Authors #1 and #2 AND DEREK!! YAY!!

The two runner up swag baskets full of awesome goodies go to:

Jen Martin aka @RedHotBooks and Isalys aka @IsaBookSoulmate

Thank you for all the entries and the fun over the past couple weeks!

I hope you all can make it to RomCon this year!


Romance lovers unite! If you’re interested in attending RomCon 2011 August 5-7, 2011, in Denver Colorado, here’s a great opportunity for you to win a ticket! Please see below for the rules and participating blogs:

The participating bloggers are known (in the twitterverse) as the Pervy Trinity. If you follow them you know why.

The Pervy Trinity is:

The participating authors, dubbed Naughty Author #1 and Naughty Author #2 by the Pervy Trinity are:

  1. Ashley March and
  2.  Jenn LeBlanc

UPDATE!!! For those of you looking for quick and dirty with no hoops attached: Go straight to the entry form,  fill out your name and email, and click the Quick and dirty box then tweet the saying at number 3 below.

This will get you ONE ENTRY into the contest.

Here are the rules:

1. Follow the Naughty Authors and the Pervy Trinity on Twitter and ‘Like’ their pages on Facebook (note that this means you have ten things to click on, but for every click you get one more entry).

2. Find the hidden quotes from Ashley March’s SEDUCING THE DUCHESS and Jenn LeBlanc’s THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE that are hidden on the respective blogs (two quotes on each blog). We will be tweeting and facebooking hints about the locations of the quotes every day of the contest.


I entered The #RomCon11 ticket giveaway with the Pervy Trinity and Naughty Authors. Info here: Please RT!

4. When you have collected all 10 quotes (5 from each book-each one worth one entry) go to Jenn’s blog to fill out the entry form.

This contest will give away ONE entrance ticket for RomCon 2011 and a meet and greet (timae and day to be determined by group) with the Pervy Trinity, The Naughty Authors, and Derek. (If you don’t know who Derek is, check out Jenn’s book– or scroll down.)

You will be responsible for all travel, hotel, additional show (there are certain premium events that cost extra.) and other related expenses.

This prize is currently valued at $245 (procrastinator’s special)

This contest can be cancelled at any time by the organizers should it be determined the contest has been tampered with, is being entered maliciously, is posted on any other sites, or it is determined to be abused or abusive in nature.

The official drawing will be held online and announced on Friday June 24, 2011 on every blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck. Hope to meet you there!

Additional note: the winner will be selected from all entries by as there may or may not be entries from real and or twitter friends of the contests hosts. The only people excluded from the contest are the hosts of the contest, and anyone not actually human.

And here is Derek:

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