I uploaded my novel to Amazon for Kindle yesterday, and I am am frightfully disappointed. First, it takes the ePub version and strips even more of the formatting to make the images thrown in and not as pretty. Second it is restrictive as to price. That is good for Kindle people, but not so good for an author who has spent the last year illustrating this novel. The inevitable decision in all of this, in order to sell the novel as a Kindle book is to strip the majority of the illustrations simply so it can be listed as a Kindle book, and then hope that you choose to purchase the full novel directly from my website. See Kindle is now PDF friendly, so you can purchase the full novel, with all of the images in a version that can be viewed on the Kindle as well as on a computer, along with an epub version and special attachments like screensavers and other goodies TBD.

I have had a friend preview the PDF version on her Kindle and she says it looks great, except the words were a little small, so I’ll be adjusting the text to make it a bit more legible, running some more PDF tests and then exporting the book. It’s all very exciting. I’m also looking forward to working with one of the best photo editors in the business as well as an amazing designer to add a little more catch to the look and feel.

My release date is still set for February 10, (EXCITING!) SO stay tuned, the purchase link will be right on the homepage of this website.

Until then…who wants a preview image?

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