Out take

I have to remember not to ignore the blog over here. It isn’t the easiest thing, unfortunately. I released my favorite image of last year on my photography blog yesterday, which was a big deal because I had vowed never to share it for a myriad of valid reasons, all of which have now been abolished. The final permission was received, and the image uploaded.

If you are interested in the story or mechanics behind this image that is more for my photo blog, and you can read about it over there, for here I will say this. This has been the most incredible project the breadth of which I had no idea. I am in absolute shock over the outpouring of support and excitement, not to mention the fact that I actually finished it. SHOCK. The amount of work that has gone into this illustrated novel is immeasurable. But the way I feel about all the work done can be summed up in this one image:

The Rake and the Recluse, illustration, novel, sexy models.

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