I built a flash ad for another website tonight. I wish I could share it, but alas, WordPress does not allow the flashing. Neither does Facebook. So I can only brag and tell you how HOTT the ad is. You have to wait for the debut…

DRM (or…the devil)

There are so many debates about DRM (digital rights Management) and eBook pricing that I have to say a couple things about my novel. It is a digital book only (there is a Limited Edition print version…but the cost is astronomical because of all the illustrations). I have thought a great deal about all the … Continue reading

Annoyance across platforms

I’ve started building my novel using Adobe InDesign. I learned to use InDesign in school, working for my college’s award-winning newspaper The Metropolitan. We used it to build our pdf’s for publication, it’s a great tool. The workflow, which I am learning as I go along, is a bit tedious but there are useful shortcuts … Continue reading