I have the biggest most amazingest announcement ever. I know many of you have been sad because I decided to back off of shooting stock, but the reality is that I’m an author and I really need time to write, shooting stock isn’t conducive to that because to have a successful stock site I should be shooting at least once a month if not twice.

I simply don’t have the time for that if I’m going to get books out too. And I need to get my books out too! (I just finished #WARRICK… my 3rd full length illustrated romance!)

SO. I’ve teamed up with a new site. They were born last summer, launched the week of RWA in San Antonio actually, called Novel Expression. It’s their goal to be the preeminent one stop shop for genre novel covers. They want to have everything you need, so you don’t have to go hunting around the world for anything.

It’s a match made in romancelandia. Because I’m not the boss, I’m just a shooter and I do what I do and they do what they do, and I can do what I do for them more often then I was doing for me. Got it? GOOD!

So here’s a little info for you.

•I will be shooting STOCK for Novel Expression.

•I will be shooting custom images for all my lovlies as needed, just like I have been for the past year. THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE.

•The STOCK I shoot for Novel Expression will be listed on THEIR SITE in a special gallery, easy for all my stalkers to find. My stock site is still up and running for all the images I’ve previously shot, but I’ll be slowly retiring them as they sell out. Just like I have been.

•The STOCK I shoot for Novel Expression will fit very specific criteria, for example, we just finished our VERY FIRST SHOOT and it was AMAZING. My goal in working with Novel Expression is to fill some mighty big holes in the romance stock industry. I have a list. I made that list while chatting with you all, so you know what’s on it because YOU KNOW what you’re looking for. That’s what makes this partnership SO EXCITING. So the first shoot was geared toward gay and lesbian romance novel cover images.

THAT’S RIGHT. We aren’t just shooting random things we’re targeting the giant holes that everyone is searching for images to fill. That’s what we want to do as a team. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I started, but with me, well, it’s really just me, and I’m just one person and I do have an amazing assistant, but that only makes the two of us trying to do a whole world of good. Not an easy thing.

So there you have it.

If you’re on the newsletter (and here you are) GREAT, if you aren’t, please sign up to be notified when the new stock images go up! You know you’ll want to see them, they are SO AWESOME, yes I’m tooting my own horn, I love what I do and it shows. I love these images so very much I simply can’t even begin to express to you how much that is.

They are stunning.

If you have any questions message me! You know I’m here for you, just like I always have been. Whatever you need, if I don’t have it I’ll help you find it or we’ll add it to the list of things to get busy on.


I will release the exclusive images from the LA shoot soon, you can get a preview of them through the images here, just click on any of the images at the bottom of the newsletter to see the new exclusives.

(EXCEPT DUKE 15-03 and DUKE 15-06—those sets are 20% off list)

Once the images are moved to their permanent galleries list prices will be in effect. You have until Tuesday, March 16 to notify me of your intent to purchase. 🙂

Below those images are the four most recent releases with #StudioSmexy custom images… because *rawr* be sure to check out the books!
Great things are coming, let’s do this thing!!


Here’s a little info on Novel Expression, check them out!

Novel Expression is a boutique stock agency that specializes in high quality imagery for genre fiction covers. The ever-growing collection provides both traditional and self-published authors with professionally produced, royalty-free images for contemporary, historical, and paranormal romance, new and young adult fiction, and other niche genre book covers. Founded by photographer and fiction marketer Sheridan Stancliff, Los Angeles producer Ellen Herbert, and professional photographer Chip Latshaw, Novel Expression aims to be the premier source for book cover imagery. Visit them at



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