#StudioSmexy #SOTD #1

Smexy of the day. A new feature from #StudioSmexy.

Every day (or until I pass out from trying to keep up with the smexy) I’ll post a new image from the stock site. Because I know y’all love the smexy. I’m still working out whether I’m posting it here, or directly to FB or what…but somewhere somehow it will end up on the FB page, so check in there for sure 🙂


We’re cooking up some fabulous themes, until then, I wanted to share the wet smexy because it happens to be one of my FAVORITES.





Here are the themes:

Historical Sundays

M/M Mondays

Contemporary Tuedays

Wet n Wild Wednesdays

Interracial Thursdays

Fantasy Fridays (BDSM/Menage)

Studly Saturdays (just guys)

One Response to “#StudioSmexy #SOTD #1”
  1. Kati R says:

    That’s one of my favorite pictures!!!

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