Then it continues…

Part two. Wherein I must call my husband a second time- read part one here) Friday morning I woke up around 7am, WIDE AWAKE. Not even a little bit sleepy. My eyeballs popped open and didn’t even want to blink.

It sucked.

So I got up and got ready, Derek was still sleepy and tired, and he was kinda hot (as in temperature…sheesh) so I told him to sleep for awhile and not worry about the thing I had at 10a.m. I would let him know when Kim wanted to shoot him. I walked downstairs to attend my Build a Hero workshop and bumped into her. She wanted him. RIght then. So I ran back upstairs and told him. He got up, I walked him down and ran to the build a hero workshop.

That was fun. Heather of Book Reading Gals took the helm of our table and we built a medieval highlander named Ewan MacGregor who was cursed by a witch and slept until today when the woman who could could break the spell, his one true love, walked onto his clans’ property. (she was also the witches descendant and looked just like her – awkward) He was tall dark and handsome, so I said…hey! I have a guy and a kilt should I see if he can come in here and play? They said yes (duh) so I ran, RAN across the hotel to the makeshift studio (heretofore known as simply studio) I walked in the room and there was Derek standing there in a kilt. GET OUT. So I asked Kim if I could borrow him, she of course said yes and I left.

A few minutes later she walked him in and the room went nuts.

Derek Hutchins by Hot Damn Designs

Photo by Hot Damn Designs

He stood there looking pretty while my table-mate, fellow time travel historical author Ann Lethbridge read our example. (photo by Hot Damn Designs)

We won. It was actually done by drawing, but the bag knew we had it.

So D returned to shooting with Kim and I…uh…I don’t know what I did for awhile. Talked to people I suppose. Did I chat with you?

Then I went and grabbed D, took a few pics in the kilt in the studio:

Derek Hutchins as highlander by Jenn LeBlanc

And THEN!! OH then we did the shoot for the winner of Operation Auction!! That was FUN!! I am going to do a whole post about that and the winner, so I’ll just leave it at that for now. (plus I haven’t made the cover yet.)

By this time my poor Derek was running a fever. We thought it was dehydration from his cutting regime combined with the altitude, since he is now a California boy, that caused it. But he did not feel well. I decided to start feeding him and get lots of fluids into him. So we went to Ted’s Montana Grill for some rare unseasoned buffalo, and a salad. By this time Cora had joined us, so she and Jamie and Katie came with. I had no idea where Rita had disappeared to. She managed to finagle tickets to everything though so I wasn’t surprised.

I had the historical tea to get to so I abandoned Derek and Cora at Ted’s and went back to the con. Poor Derek. I felt awful. Derek went back to bed, and felt good enough to come down to Melissa Schroeder‘s luau and meet fans, sign cards and take pictures. That was fun too.

Derek Hutchins as samoan by Jenn LeBlanc

Derek Hutchins as samoan by Jenn LeBlanc

These are studio shots we did with his sarong (provided by author wrangler and awesome lady Brandy)

About halfway through he got hardcore chills, so I sent him to bed.

I hung out in the bar with Kim, Brooks, and her gang of awesome from Hot Damn. We had also gone to dinner the Thursday night before the conference which was fun. We got to watch the newscast on the conference, in which Kati had a starring role.

After that was the western dinner, which I skipped to do something, I don’t remember what (were you there? Fill me in!!) and then the Chocolate Mangasm.

I called my husband to tell him coming up to see the hotel and hang out in our room was probably a bad idea because I didn’t want them sick, and at that point we decided that Derek had probably caught something on the plane. Hopefully a 24 hour something.

I went to check on Derek and he had a fever of 103, so he was in for the night. I went down, saw the toys, and stuff, the extra man flesh and decided I was going to bed as well. I got some ice for his neck, removed the comforter from his core and sat down in bed to start editing.

I do have to say that for as sick as he was, and he was sick as a DOG, Derek really worked hard and held it together. He was amaze balls. There was so much running around on Friday, I have completely forgotten most of it!

Derek woke up at midnight, his fever broke, he was sweating like a maniac, and starving. So I made a midnight run for turkey burgers. Exciting. Kinda mad at Bar Louis (who I normally LOVE) because they screwed them up. How hard is a plain turkey burger to fix?



Turkey burger fail, I got to sleep around 2:30, and my eyes popped open at 7a.m. again. GAH!!!

That was Saturday, and would require the third call to my husband…

3 Responses to “Then it continues…”
  1. You know you were never around when I looked for you. Though I did ask Kim’s Hot Damn peeps. I’m not sure they knew either. Where oh where did you go?

  2. Kati R says:

    Whoa! We don’t talk about the news spot.

    Sorry Brandy, Jamie and I kept stealing Jenn. 🙂

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