The Perils of Pleasure – Julie Anne Long

“A rescued rogue . . .

Scandal has rocked the city of London. Colin Eversea, a handsome, reckless unapologetic rogue is sentenced to hang for murder and, inconveniently for him, the only witness to the crime disappears. Then again, throughout history, the Everseas have always managed to cheat fate in style: Colin is snatched from the gallows by a beautiful, clever mercenary.

A captivating captor. . .

Cool-headed, daring Madeleine Greenway is immune to Colin’s vaunted charm. Her mission is not to rescue Colin but to kidnap him, and to be paid handsomely for it. But when it becomes clear that whoever wants Colin alive wants Madeline dead, the two become uneasy allies in a deadly race for truth. Together, they’ll face great danger—and a passion neither can resist.”

Goodreads Blurb

The Perils of Pleasure (Pennyroyal Green, #1)

I am very quickly becoming obsessed with the writing of Julie Ann Long. The descriptive writing, the small details and nuances of movement and thought, the incredible tension she builds, the beautifully crafted moments of pure intimacy all make for such incredibly wonderful stories you can’t peel yourself away from. This book was no exception.

This is the second of her books I have read, the first escapes me at the moment, but the next will be her latest release What I did for a Duke, and I also have a hardcopy of Since the Surrender.

Everything about this book was wonderful. No eye rolling, no WTFckry, no french toast. AH maze ING. I was constantly stopped in awe wanting to nudge someone and say ‘oh em gee! Did you SEE what she did there? All it was, was a slight turn of the head but OH EM GEE!! Do you see how much went into that!?!’ Seriously, the people on the elliptical trainers at the gym next to mine were the ones in Peril. I laughed out loud a few times as well. It doesn’t end there, however. The dialog is so DAMN GOOD. Like, holy crap I wish I was that quick on my feet GOOD.

At any rate, this hasn’t been as much about the book as it has been about the style and that is merely because my iPad ate my original review, and my brain has moved on (as it does). So I am left with the mere impressions of the novel. I will re-read this one, but not before I read the others. I am avidly scratching my claws at every title I can .

I own my very own copy of The Perils of Pleasure. Purchase for my iPad through the iBookstore, because I prefer that interface. Something I LOVE LOVE LOVE about the iPad? turned the last page of the book and it took me to the authors page in the store. How is that for marketing? Ding ding ding! SOLD!

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