The making of a rake

I’ve worked with a few models. Most of them get put through their paces in my studio, no doubt about it. The guys I have worked with have been such great sports shooting for this particular project, timing has us shooting in a cold cyc-room with water that isn’t exactly warm, freezing their buns off. I would also like to mention that my frustration with the Denver modeling scene often has me wanting to pull my hair out. Most of the female models are flaky (that I have worked with) and the guys are all leaving town. It doesn’t bode well for a long term sort of gig like this has been.

I have no doubt that if my models were more readily available that I would have been done sooner, but at the same time I wonder if the pauses between shoots, as well as the forced meticulous inspection of prior and future shoots made the images more well considered and powerful. When you are flying models around the country you tend to rework the shot list to exacting standards with every possible scenario considered. That isn’t to say that stuff doesn’t happen and shots get missed or costumes are wrong occasionally. But this happens a lot less often with so much planning and forethought. My team has gotten this down to a nearly exact science at this point.

We shoot primarily by hairstyle, because that is what is the most difficult to change (in this particular shoot) then by costume and lighting setup. I am not good at mapping my lights, I have tried it in the past, but I am so much more visual I need the lights there. I know in my head where, and what color light I want to fall. So setting up my studio is primarily up to me, though my people can always help with setting up the rest of the tech, the dressing room, the stages, props and whatnot.

I’m still a bit fried in the head after a long studio day yesterday, I imagine this post might be a bit discombobulated. So if it is…apologies.

I love my team, which in no particular order included Miss Cora Kemp, Mrs. Melinda Piñon and Miss Monika Graf. A special thanks to this weeks big star: Mr. Ross Elliott. I wanted to rake him out for the illustrations, and he brought it. He…brought it all, I could not have asked for a better rake, and he has a great smile to boot. Thank you sir. These are the only images I’m sharing from this shoot. seeing the rest of them will require buying the book. Which will be coming out soon.

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

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